It’s without a doubt that educators play a large role in our society and they’ve helped shape and mold many people into who they are today. Without them it’s beyond a shadow of a doubt that we may not have wound up with some of our most famous people that have shaped and molded the world into what it has today. Below, Groza Learning Center shares three educators who changed the world.

Without Leona Edwards, we may not have even had a civil rights movement. That’s right, not only w
as she the mother to the famous Rosa Parks, but she was also her teacher. Rosa Parks credited her feelings about wanting equality for all races to her mother and teacher who helped to instill these values in her from a very young age. Had Leona not taught her students about equality and her feelings that all people should be treated equally, Rosa Parks may have never gone on to protest and make a stand that would forever earn her a page in our history books.

Verrocchio was another teacher who has helped to change the world as we now know it when it comes to artists. In fact, Verrocchio was an art teacher who was responsible for teaching the famous Leonardo da Vinci to paint and was his teacher for a long time. He was given credit for showing da Vinci on how to improve his painting skills and urging him to paint with the amazing artistic freedom and expression that he was so inclined in doing. Many felt that had it not been for Verrocchio nurturing da Vinci and his artistic side, then there is a very good chance that da Vinci would never have amounted to being the great painter that he later became and we would have never been blessed with such beautiful paintings that people are now able to enjoy in museums.

The final educator who has greatly changed the world would have to be was John Adams. Years before he played a large role in the Constitution, he was a teacher. Greatly admired by both colleagues and students alike, it was remarked that he had a great mind, and they loved to hear his thoughts and feelings on different areas. He was said to have been a very smart man, who was also extremely dedicated and devoted to things like the Continental Congresses. It was later that his role as a teacher impacted him later to become the second president of the United States and signing the Declaration of Independence. Without him, things may have wound up vastly difference and the Declaration of Independence may not have existed or become quite what it is today. As you can see, teachers play a significant role and no matter what their profession has them teaching their students, it’s small things that can amount to something much larger which may eventually lead to someone making quite a name for themselves in our history books that are taught around the world.