Best Way To Choose Earrings To Match Your Face and More

Earrings are an awesome way to add life into one’s wardrobe, but you will find many out there, so choosing could prove a nightmare. Everybody can look fabulously good wearing earrings, but not every type can work on all people. Factors like hairstyle, shape of one’s face and occasion could affect what choices one makes for earrings. Most people make the mistake of choosing earrings that are in style without considering whether they suit them perfectly. To buy the right earrings, consider the following tips to guide you.

Round face

People who have circular faces have many options that can fit them well. A circular face widens at the cheekbones and does not have a taper to the chin, so if this is how your face looks, then yours is round and you should pay attention to this brief. One of the things you should avoid if your face is round is choosing circular earrings and button studs, which emphasize the roundness of your face. Also ensure to stay far from drop earrings that come with a round disc as highlighted on Inspired Silver. This roundness only makes your face to appear rounder. Silver drop earrings are a perfect choice in this case and don’t work like the ones discussed above.

Square face

If you have wide jaws (jawline and forehead with similar widths), you should soften the hard edges on your face by choosing earrings that are long to medium with rounded edges. Oval earrings work as well and you can embrace circular earrings to add the flow you need to complement your facial beauty. While choosing earrings for this category of face, you should steer clear of square studs and any other kind that comes with a square shape as this only reiterates the shape of your face.

Heart shaped face

There is also another category of individuals whose faces are shaped like a heart. In this case, the forehead is wider that cheekbones and the person’s lower half of the face narrows like a heart. If this is the description of your face, then you have a heart-shaped face. Choosing earrings for someone with this type of face calls for one to counterbalance the sharp chin with tier drop earrings or chandelier. Anything wider at the bottom could work perfectly well. However, avoid earrings that narrow from the top to bottom as these will make your shape to come out more boldly.

Wearing what suits your lifestyle

You also have to factor in your lifestyle and the places you will need to wear these earrings. For work or office, you will have a different choice of earrings than when going to casual events. If your office is conservative, you might need to also choose conservative earrings. Go for classic styles in colors like gold for authority. For executive dressing, you should avoid dangly or hoop earrings. Someone working in a conservative area like law needs small earrings and a conservative design. After work, you can loosen up and wear what your matches your personality.