How To Prevent Dental Sensitivity In Your Kids

When kids have discomfort, the most likely person they always trouble is their mom. If you can stop something from happening, you are a step away from avoiding a dental situation in future. Dental hygiene is the number one concern for most parents. This is because it tends to have severe complications to your kids. In most cases, it starts with simple sensitivity and can end up being a full-blown endodontic issue.

However, you can make your life easier if you can keep these four tips on your to-do list.

1. Teach your kids how to brush

For most people, they believe that kids will just learn how to do it. While this is possible, kids will do so many bad things before they though how to do it right. For example, if a kid wants to whiten his or her teeth, he or she is likely to rough up his or her teeth. This gusto brushing can severely damage the surrounding gum. The result could be damaged tissues that will bleed or simply further provide room for bacterial infection.

At best, be the perfect example for them to follow. They will brush how you brush. If you rarely give attention to dental hygiene, your kids may not learn as fast as they would if you did.

2. Provide the right toothbrush

Softer and gentler brushes are good for kids because they have not mastered the art of brushing. Once they have the skills, they can use other brushes. It is your responsibility, as a parent, to choose and vet the brushes on the market. While most of the parents allow the kids to pick their brushes, insist they choose among the toothbrushes you have recommended, not from the general pool in a supermarket.

3. Vet use of teeth whitening and mouthwash

Teeth whitening toothpaste and mouthwash contain a combination of elements that can significantly cause sensitivity to your tooth. As a mom, vet how often kids have to use them. For example, mouthwash is useful when you have a problem in your mouth for example mouth ulcers. However, overusing them especially when you are in perfect health is not good.

Also, teeth whitening is not a necessary procedure if you keep proper dental hygiene. If required, use it wisely. Instead, you can visit a dentist, such as Karl Jobst Grove OK, for cleaning. A dentist is good because he can help you with removing plaque. They also conduct other dental check-ups that can improve the overall dental experience for your kids.

4. Be careful about what you serve

Acidic foods can cause discomfort especially if you have other dental issues. You can substitute a heavily acidic food with a milder one for your loved ones. After all, you want them to enjoy, not endure, their meals. Strive to strike a balance between meals to maintain the right PH. For a start, citric and sour foods are more acidic. Balance them with sweeter, milder options.


On overall, as a parent, you can only do so much. In case things get out of hand, always visit the dentist near you. A dental check-up informs you on what you need to do to improve your child’s dental hygiene and avoid tooth sensitivity.